Relationship Between Teachers’ Stress and Job Satisfaction: Moderating Role of Teachers’ Emotions


  • Haleema Parveen Preston University, Islamabad
  • Maher Bano Preston University, Kohat


The present research attempted to investigate the moderating role of teachers' emotion in teaching on the relationship between teachers' stress and job satisfaction. It was assumed that teachers' emotion would moderate the relationship between teachers' stress and satisfaction with job. The sample of the study (N = 200) included male and female teachers from universities of Multan, Lahore, Sargodha, and Islamabad. To measure study variables, Emotions in Teaching Inventory (Diefendorff et al., 2005), Teachers' Stress Inventory (Schutz and Long, 1988), and Teacher Satisfaction Scale (Ho and Au, 2006) were used. The results revealed that teachers' stress was negatively related to positive emotions in teaching and job satisfaction; while, positive emotions were found positively related to job satisfaction. Positive emotions and negative emotions were found to be significant moderators between the relationship of teachers' stress and job satisfaction. The research highlighted the protruding importance of affiliated emotions of teachers with their jobs; thus, it should be taken into consideration.