Parental Rejection and Mental Health Problems in College Students: Mediating Role of Interpersonal Difficulties


  • Sadia Saleem University of Management and Technology
  • Ayesha Asghar University of Management and Technology
  • Sara Subhan University of Management and Technology
  • Zahid Mahmood University of Management and Technology


College students are said to have an increasing trend of mental health problems that lead to various negative academic, personal and social outcomes. The current study aimed to determine the mediating role of interpersonal difficulties between parental rejection and mental health problems of college students. A total of 321 college students selected through purposive sampling aged 15to 20 years provided self-report data on EMBU-A (Gerlsma, Arrindell, Van der Veen, and Emmelkamp, 1991), Urdu version of Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS; Aslam, 2007) and Interpersonal Difficulties Scale (IDS; Saleem, Ihsan, and Mahmood, 2014). Pearson Correlation was used to ensure that parental rejection, mental health problems and interpersonal difficulties are related. Results of path analysis revealed that parental rejection has an indirect effect on mental health through interpersonal difficulties. Implications for counselling services are discussed.