Impact of Anger on Suicidal Ideation: Mediating Role of Perceived Emotional Distress in Late Adolescents and Emerging Adults with Psychological Problems


  • Soulat Khan Foundation University
  • Tahira Mubashar University of the Punjab
  • Tanvir Akhtar Foundation University
  • Tayyab Ali Butt Foundation University


Suicidal ideation, anger, emotional distress, university


The present study addresses impact of anger on suicidal ideation with the mediating role of perceived emotional distress in 40 late adolescents and emerging adults (Girls = 24, Boys = 16) with psychological problems. Participants’ aged between 18 to 25 years (M = 21.65, SD = 1.84). The sample was recruited from counseling centers of two public sector universities.  Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation Inventory (Osman, Gotierrez, Kropper, Barrios, Chiros, 1998), Perceived Emotional Distress inventory (Moscoso, 2011) and Anger Self-Report (Burney, 2001) were used to assess study variables. Findings indicated that anger and emotional distress had significant positive relationship with suicidal ideation and significant negative relationship with protective thoughts and ideation. Mediation Analysis through Process Macro revealed that perceived emotional distress significantly mediates the relationship between anger and suicidal ideations. No gender differences were found between study variables. The study outcomes highlighted that future strategies for prevention of suicidal ideation must focus on managing emotional distress and anger.